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Optimization: it is essential that you understand that to have more visits and your own Google AdWords, to have better results, the website needs to be Optimized.

In this step, we check all the words related to your company and product, and give the best possible Feed Back, as an oracle of what should be done in relation to the content and programming. We checked on several computers, cell phones and different locations to understand how the project ended, after that, we asked some people what they found and what is missing from the project. This image has white alternative text, the image name is Positioning-on-Google.jpg Case of a customer with 5 sites on the first page of Google.

The better the content on your site, the longer your customer stays on it and the more you sell, as he shares your site with social networks, and Google understands that he was interested in your Sales Channel, Positioning your better Site on Google.

Some tools can help you monitor and find the main points of your site, in order to make you make the necessary corrections to improve your positioning on Google.

But nothing is like the daily hard work of doing SEO and ADS.